How Your Business Can Punch Above Its Weight Class in Benefit Offerings

To facilitate growth many small- to medium-sized businesses have to compete with larger companies to hire the best talent. Progressive Employer Management Company can give you the extra muscle needed to offer benefits that will retain and recruit the best.

PEMCO works with vendor partners to offer outstanding benefits programs at lower costs. Our team of benefit professionals leverage our relationships to your advantage. We have assembled a variety of benefits for you and your employees to choose from.Better employee benefits.

Health Insurance: Finding health insurance for your business at a reasonable rate can be difficult because pricing is often based on the number of employees covered. Under our coverage, you will be able to access more robust plan designs with more competitive premiums by leveraging PEMCOs buying power.

Outsourcing HR: The need for an entire human resources department can be removed when you work with us.  As leaders in HR services, we can manage all your HR requirements with our dedicated team of professionals.

Reducing business risk: Businesses struggle to keep their payroll administration, benefits, workers’ compensation and human resources management up to date and compliant.  Our teams can manage all facets of these business areas, allowing you to offer higher salaries to your employees by making your operations leaner.

Access to better benefits: Similar to how we manage health insurance requirements, we can also assist by offering higher quality benefits than small businesses can access on their own.  Our size allows you to offer more extensive benefits, including retirement, EAP and other highly desired options, to your employees. These benefits will be managed by our team of professionals, who will help you offer benefits packages that are worthwhile to your employees.

Working with PEMCO will help you offer more competitive benefits and options to your existing employees while helping you find better candidates. If you are interested in learning about the benefits that we can offer your business, contact the PEO professionals at Progressive Employer Management Company today to learn more about the advantages of working with us.