Designing Employee Benefits Packages to Meet Your Objectives

Designing the right benefits package for your employees can be difficult. You want benefits that will retain existing employees and find the best new hires without causing financial difficulties. If you need assistance in choosing the right benefits package, let the employee benefits professionals at Progressive Employer Management Company help you choose the right plan to fit your needs.

According to a recent survey, the most popular benefits for employees include:

  • Health insurance, including medical, dental and vision
  • A retirement savings plan such as a 401(k)
  • Additional insurance, like life and disability
  • Flexible and/or remote work options to help employees save on commuting costs and achieve better work-life balance. Paid time off for vacation, sick days and personal days

Employee benefits.

What do employees want? Ask them.

Get input from your employees regarding what benefits are most important to them.  Engaging your team will determine what benefits mean the most to them, while allowing you to eliminate some benefit options that aren’t important to their needs.

Offer choices

Offering ala carte options for your benefits will pay dividends, but limit the available choices for your employees. A PEO partner can assist you in determining which benefits are feasible based on your financial situation. These options offer opportunities for employee engagement and will help your business stay financially sound, help you meet your objectives.

Think big, start small

When you are considering your business objectives, starting with small perks and benefits can help you make big plans for your employees. Offering free sodas, onsite dry cleaning pickup and discounted services will create appreciation from your team at a low cost.

Before offering a benefits program, learn which ones are the most important for your emplo

yees. From there, you can work with the employee benefits professionals at Progressive Employer Management Company to determine the best way to implement these benefits while meeting your financial and business objectives for growth.