How to Implement Drug-Free Workplace Programs

Business owners know the dangers of drug and alcohol use in the workplace. Data shows that 16 percent of employees injured at work had alcohol detected in their system, which leads to higher costs for employers. If you are ready to implement a drug-free workplace program, the human resources professionals at Progressive Employer Management Company can assist you with the creation and implementation.

Drug-Free WorkplaceHow do you begin your drug-free workplace program? The steps include:

Establish a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Policy As outlined by the Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace, the first step should be to establish a drug and alcohol abuse prevention policy. While drug testing may not be for every employer, having a formal policy in place can help protect your business from potential harm. Included in your policy should be information on:

  • Why your company established this policy
  • What is expected of your employees at the workplace
  • Actions that will be taken if a violation occurs

Having a written policy can help you take steps in the event that drugs and alcohol are used by your employees.

Decide if drug tests will be done at your business
Many employers who are concerned about drug use in the workplace should consider adding drug testing to your company policies. Many businesses add drug testing as a pre-employment requirement prior to hiring new employees. You may also add ong

  • Supervisor Training

oing drug testing for the basic six-panel drug test which are commonly done for US government employees. These drug tests are done for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, PCP and Ecstasy.

Components of a drug-free workplace

To help employers maintain safe, cost-effective and healthy workplaces, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration recommends a five-step program for maintaining your drug-free workplace. These five steps should include the information outlined above, along with other components to assist your employees. The five steps are:

  • Written policies
  • Employee Education
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Drug Testing

Having a drug and alcohol free workplace can protect your employees and prevent your business from the dangers of an impaired workforce. If you need assistance with creating and adopting these programs for your business, the human resources professionals at Progressive Employer Management Company can assist you today.