Onboarding: How to Prepare New Employees for Success

It can be hard enough finding and recruiting skilled employees for your small- to medium-sized business. Losing them just a few months later because they never got off to a good start with your company is more than just a headache. Turnover can be a constant drain on the bottom line.PEMCO-Onboarding-HR.jpg

When adding new employees to your business, it’s important to have an onboarding process in place to give them a great start and help them hit the ground running. If your organization lacks the human resources expertise or the time to adequately deal with onboarding and other administrative matters, partnering with the HR experts at a professional employer organization (PEO) like Progressive Employer Management Company can help.

PEMCO offers a few tips for making your employee onboarding process more effective:


Rushing to find a computer or office supplies for your new employee means a bad first impression. Prepare in advance. Set up the computer, create login credentials and passwords, and have payroll documents and any other needed paperwork ready to sign to make a great impression on your new hire.


Have an orientation program in place to help ease new employees into their jobs. This should include an overview of company policies and procedures.

Introduce them

Introduce your new staff member to other employees and to the management team. Show them the office. Encourage other employees to welcome them to the team and familiarize them with company culture.

Stay in touch

Once your new employee gets started, don’t disappear. Touch base with them during the first week and month to make sure they are integrating into the team.

If your business is having difficulty in recruiting and keeping top workers, the human resources professionals at Progressive Employer Management Company are available to help. We can take advantage of online recruitment strategies to help drive your success. To learn more about our HR capabilities for your small- to medium-sized business, contact us today.