Using a PEO to Help Recruit in Your Own Backyard

Finding the right job candidate isn’t always easy. Businesses can struggle to recruit and retain the best local candidates.  If your business does not have the expertise to meet its hiring goals, a professional employer organization (PEO) can provide specialized services to give your recruitment efforts a boost.PEMCO-Recruiting.jpg

What are some of the ways that your business can better recruit locally?

Create a referral program

You can put your own employees to work for you as recruiters by establishing a referral program. By offering incentives to your current staff, they can help find credible local candidates that you may otherwise not be able to reach. With 75 percent of potential candidates not actively looking for a new job, word of mouth can be a valuable recruitment tool.

Provide quality benefits

Providing a quality benefits package will make your business more enticing to local candidates. A PEO like Progressive Employer Management Company can use its greater buying power to leverage better health insurance rates for you company.

Use social media

Companies need to know where to find job seekers. Social media platforms are where the eyes are these days. To accommodate the changing viewing patterns, make sure your job postings are mobile friendly as smartphones have become the dominant way to access social media.


Instead of having to spend all your time focusing on recruiting, you can outsource the task to a PEO. This can be a more cost-effective option for small to mid-size businesses than hiring full-time human resources administration. PEMCO’s recruitment service provides local businesses with a standardized recruiting process that fit their specific hiring needs. Our experts can help companies meet their recruitment goals while reducing turnover.

Having difficulty recruiting the top talent? Does your recruitment efforts suffer from time constraints? The human resources experts at Progressive Employer Management Company are available to help. Contact us today.