Workers' Compensation

Managing the workers' compensation and safety administration component of your business can be complicated. By partnering with Progressive Employer Management Company, we can assist you by taking on your workers' compensation administration functions.

Our Risk Management team members have, on average, more than 17 years each of experience in the insurance/PEO industry and can help you lower the risks that can lead to increased workers' compensation related expenses, ultimately impacting your businesses profitability. We can provide you with the expertise and guidance needed to maintain a safe work environment for your employees and if someone is injured on the job, our internal trained staff as well as our carrier partners will ensure the needs of your injured employee are met.

A risk management mindset…

PEMCO's goal is to help clients minimize hazardous exposures and reduce employee injuries. Our Risk Consultants provide risk management consultations and expertise that will help you establish or enhance a safety culture within your business.

Late reporting of injuries, even minor ones, can raise costs and delay employee recovery time. We provide 24-hour injury reporting so that your claims can be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible, saving you time and reducing costs.

Although we do not assume responsibility for OSHA compliance or client workplace safety, we can assist in identifying potential OSHA compliance concerns and provide recommendations that could help reduce exposure to potential citations and fines.

Let our experts help you with:

  • Workers’ compensation certificate of insurance issuance
  • Claims administration
  • Industry specific written safety program development assistance
  • Worksite safety evaluations
  • Risk management training resources
  • OSHA guidance
  • Serious accident investigation
  • Return to work programs
  • Loss trending analysis

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Workers' Compensation

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