Historical Data

To enter your payroll or pull current payroll reports, please click the "Payroll Login" link below and enter your username and password.

2014 Historical Data 
To access data from 2014, use the "Payroll Login" link above and attach "-14" to the end of your username and password.
2013 and Older Historical Data
To enter 2013 (or older) historical data, please use one of the payroll login links below and attach "_2013" to the end of your previous username and "-2013" to the end of your previous password.
      User name: abcco_2013
      Password:  payroll-2013




Having trouble logging in?

If you have recently updated your Internet Explorer (recommended browser) and cannot log in or view reports, please follow the steps below to ensure our website is run in Compatibility Mode.

1. Click on Tools

2. Click on Compatibility View Settings

3. Add "progressiveemployer.com" to the websites with Compatibility View

If you are still having trouble after following these steps, please contact your Payroll Specialist for further assistance.